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3D and Multimedia interaction

The Adobe team realizes well that the future of technical communication lies in the rich media and 3D direction. And they sure have attempted to address some new requirements from the users of such building blocks.

With FrameMaker 11, author can insert links to multimedia and 3D objects. We really like this option of custom controls using hyperlinks. Following linking options have been provided:

  • View: Show/invoke different object views
  • Parts: Show/invoke different object parts
  • Animation: Show animation
  • JavaScript: Associate custom JavaScript code to the link
Create Multimedia Link Dialog

Create Multimedia Link Dialog

Additionally, there is an option to create a link table to graphics (with type as views, parts or animation). This feature really adds much more interactivity to multimedia objects in pdf.

The play, stop and and capture frame functionality in supported video formats, to be later used as the poster image when the file gets published to PDF, is also a time-saver and helps create better looking outputs!