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Add life to your ‘so far’ dead content by adding active links to relevant content anywhere in your document! Now it will be possible to add links to any parts of an object/image and take the reader to where he would find more information on that object/image part.

Another feature which adds interactivity to objects in pdf. Although the name “hotspot” looks little weird, this feature is certainly very useful. We gave a quick glance to this new feature and it worked well! What we did was:

  • Imported an image (with circles and squares)
  • Created a “Named Destinations” hypertext on another page
  • Turned the hotspot mode to ON (last icon in Graphics toolbar)
  • On the image, from the Graphics toolbar, we created a square overlapping the square in the image.
  • Linked the square to the named destination (from hotspot properties, that launched automatically!)
  • Similarily superimposed a circle over the circle in the image
  • Linked the circle to a URL (from hotspot properties), say
  • Made the pen, fill pattern of the square/circle to “None”
  • And whew! In the PDF perfect links were created.


Certainly, a lot more interesting stuff can be done through this little new “hot” trinket!