Automated Solutions for FrameMaker..

Recent releases of FrameMaker have been power packed with lot of features. A number of these come along with a lot of configuration parameters. Some reach the INI files and some make it to the UI dialogs. FrameMaker 11 seems to have taken the first baby step towards providing all such preferences under one roof.

FrameMaker 11 has moved the option for preferences from File menu to Edit menu. Whats new here is the revamped user interface! Instead of having multiple dialogs (one for each set of configurations for general, interface, dictionary, CMS etc), everything has been consolidated into one single dialog which looks good and user friendly. Would also like to see more frequently used options (specially DITA and DITA publish) from INI files moved to this dialog.

Edit Preferences Dialog

Edit Preferences Dialog

On the same lines, all the options of creating a new XML has been moved to one dialog, the File..New dialog. You will also find your custom applications available in this dialog. Definitely, it is much better and easier to create new XMLs as compared to the earlier versions!

New XML Dialog

New XML Dialog


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