Automated Solutions for FrameMaker..

For the authors that author in DITA standard and love the FrameMaker book capabilities, this is a feature to appreciate. Hopefully it would reduce the post processing effort which organizations commonly spend on publishing ditamaps from FrameMaker.
In FrameMaker 11, users can now generate print ready output from a DITA Map project. Essentially the ditamap to Book with FM components workflow has been enhanced in the latest FrameMaker release.

DITAMap saved as Book

The output would now now also include generation of cover page, ToC, Index, List of figures, List of tables etc.

Book with TOC, Index etc. published from FrameMaker

These properties are configurable in the ditafm-output.ini file (%appdata%\Adobe\FrameMaker\11). Numbering and pagination are  automatically handled as part of this book building process.

Many options are present in this ini file. We did not use all, but it goes to show a lot many parameters, left upon the user to configure as per the publishing requirements. For example, numbering notation for chapter, section and sub section components, Pagination (double sided or single sided) and presence of an option to generate flat books (pre-FrameMaker 9 era). And trust me a lot more to explore in this ini.

A few examples of entries in the ini file:



This ini file seems very long and is undocumented. Looks like users will need to figure out the meaning of the individual options themselves 😐


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