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Improved Ctrl shortcuts

Real productivity improvements can be realized using one of the greatest feature in Framemaker history-the Ctrl shortcuts, in a brand new Avatar. FrameMaker 11 redefines control keys aka “Quick Catalogs“.

This gives author the power to perform various actions like element insertion, applying conditional tags, applying paragraph tags, variable insertion etc. using only keyboard shortcuts (CTRL 0-9). Though a variation of the same exists in previous versions of FrameMaker, but the new experience is much better. Using this, the author will see the list of character tags (or paragraph tags, conditional tags etc.) right where his/her insertion point is. This is much convenient because the author will see the complete menu rather than a single tag appearing in the status bar.

Navigation in new quick catalogs is better than before. For eg. to navigate through the list of tags starting with ‘b’, user just needs to press ‘b’ repeatedly. A user can type in the popup-menu and it searches for items/tags on the fly!

Another thing that needs special mention is “Hierarchical Element Insert”. Authors can insert a hierarchy of elements (say a>b>c), all in one step. Also, you do not have to worry about any element being invalid as only valid elements will be shown in this list (taking into consideration the hierarchy as well!!). We are certainly going to use this much more when authoring EDDs.

Hierarchical Element Insert

Hierarchical Element Insert

All in all a very productive and good looking feature!


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